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Information Technology Society, Nepal initiated EEICT project with establishment of computer lab at “Shree Public Higher Secondary School, Launiya-Tilathi, Saptari” as a pilot project. Electricity is a huge problem in the project site though there is power grid. So, a solar backup system need to be installed in the project site to make the pilot project successful and extend it to other locations. For now the estimated budget requirement is 500K.
To raise this fund we’re following this plan. We’ll recruit around 50 volunteers for the fund raising purpose and we’ll call them “Team Lead”. We’ll provide orientation, workshop and regular support program for them. Each of 50 volunteers can form their own team of 5 in their respective colleges. We’ll regularly mentor and help each team. The task of each team (or Team Lead) are:
1. Form a team
2. Plan for fundraising
3. Prepare a solar panel model/dummy
4. Sell solar panel for at least 10,000 or raise at least fund of 10,000 or more
5. Regularly update the activities to all the team and IT-S, Nepal team

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